Reasons why you must keep Your HVAC/AC System Clean

Reasons why you must keep Your HVAC/AC System Clean

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HVAC system stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system. It is designed to improve indoor air quality. It also conditions the air to provide comfort. The system maintains temperature and regulates humidity.

HVAC/AC systems are available in a variety of sizes and designs. The common features of these systems include:

  • Outside air intake
  • Air handling unit
  • Air exhaust system
  • Air distribution system

These systems have many components. And an HVAC system can work efficiently only when all its components work properly.

However, as with all other gadgets and appliances, your HVAC system can get dirty over the time. The accumulated dirt and dust particles negatively impact the performance of the system. It can affect your health as well.

This article explains why you should keep your HVAC/AC system clean. We will discuss how dirty and dusty inner parts of an HVAC system can affect your family’s health. So, let’s get started…

Importance of Keeping Your HVAC/AC System Clean


Here’s why you should keep all the components of your HVAC system clean:

  1. A Dirty Air Filter can’t remove Allergens

The air filter is one of the most vital components in an HVAC system. It removes allergens, dust mites, and other similar particles. Now, when the filter gets dirty, it no longer removes allergens, harmful germs, and viruses in the air. It allows dust and bacteria to get into the home, resulting in indoor air pollution. It can lead to many health problems, including allergic reactions, asthma, etc.

The accumulated dirt also reduces airflow through the heating system. It also causes overheating of the other components in the HVAC system. This can cause the heat exchanger to crack and release deadly carbon monoxide. It can cause serious health issues. So, it’s extremely important that you replace the air filters every few months.

  1. Dirty Evaporator Coils can make you sick

Clean evaporator coils support the healthy functioning of HVAC systems. It is a crucial part of the indoor unit. It actually works by absorbing the heat and humidity from the air in your home. However, it accumulates dirt, dust, debris, etc over the time. Now, a layer of dirt over the coils can impact the system’s efficiency. It can make your system work harder, resulting in frequent breakdowns and higher energy bills.

Dirty coils can affect the health of your family as well. It can spread mold and dust in the indoor air. It can cause many health issues which include flu-like symptoms, fatigue, allergy symptoms, etc. So, you must maintain a clean evaporator coil.

  1. Dirty Furnaces can affect your Health and Comfort

The furnace is another vital part of an HVAC system. It transfers heat to the air. It works by heating air in one area and then distributing it throughout the home. The furnaces accumulate dust and debris over the time. It can make you seriously ill by reducing the air quality of your home. Your indoor air will be filled with dust and other harmful particles. They mainly affect the respiratory system. It can cause asthma and other respiratory problems. So, if you don’t want to face these unwanted consequences, you must keep the furnaces clean.

  1. Dirty Air Ducts can cause many Health Problems

Air ducts are one of the most vital components of an HVAC system. Cleaning the air ducts at regular intervals is extremely important.

Dirty and unclean air ducts promote the circulation of the allergens, germs, and bacteria in the air. It can affect the overall health of your family. People exposed to these allergens and dust particles are more prone to developing allergic symptoms. Also, it is one of the common causes of sore throat and coughing.

It can be very dangerous for people who are sensitive, including kids, newborns, and the elderly. Also, it causes asthma patients to suffer more. Studies found that clean air ducts improve the health of patients suffering from pulmonary health conditions.

The polluted air can cause the aging process to speed up. It can also make you feel tired. In addition, it can bring a musty odor in your house. Dirty air ducts can cause pest infestations as well. So, it’s crucial that you clean the air ducts on a regular intervals. It can prevent many health issues from occurring.

  1. A Dirty Condenser Coil reduces Comfort

The condenser coil is the part of the outdoor unit. It releases heat outside the building. When the coil gets dirty, it can cause many issues. First of all, it can increase your energy bills. Second, it results in decreased system performance.

Nevertheless, the most important thing you need to know here is the dirt build-up on the condenser coil can impact your indoor air quality very much. This can cause the humidity to rise. You can experience comfort issues. Too much humidity leads to the growth and spread of mold, bacteria, and viruses. It can trigger allergic and flu-like symptoms.

  1. Dirty Condensate Drain Line can cause Health Issues

The condensate drain line plays a crucial role in channeling out fluids. Now, when it gets clogged, the condensate fluids overflow onto the floor. Also, dirty condensate drain lines allow bacteria and mold to remain in the system.

So, it’s clear that if you don’t maintain a clean HVAC system, you and your family may have to experience several health issues. Apart from the health issues there are many other safety issues are there which also can be considered as responsible to clean the HVAC/AC System.

Now, let’s look at the reasons why hire professionals for cleaning your HVAC system instead of doing it on yourself.

Why should you hire Professional Technicians for HVAC System Cleaning?


Here are the reasons why it’s wise to hire professional technicians to clean the HVAC system:

  • First of all, professional HVAC technicians have hands-on experience. So, they know how to clean an HVAC system and all its inner parts efficiently.
  • Second, cleaning the inner components of the HVAC system is difficult. It’s a time-consuming task. However, professional technicians do this kind of job on regular intervals. So, you can expect them to finish the job in less time.
  • Third, professional technicians come equipped with the right tools and equipment. It allows them to perform a thorough cleaning quickly and efficiently.

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