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Fall Home Energy Savings Tips

Fall Home Energy Savings Tips: Preparing for the Winter Whether you like it or not and whether you come prepared or not, winter is coming. So better not sit on your couch and wait for it to come like a doomsday, move and be prepared! Winter means one thing: cold air. But for those who are conscious enough to notice, winter means larger electric bills. Yes, it is true. Aside from summer, winter is the season of the year where…

Are Ducts Making You Sick?

Are Ducts Making You Sick? If you have a heating or cooling systems that use air ducts, you could have a problem. There are many duct systems that are poorly designed and installed that have the ability to bring pollutants into your home. Some are ducts are located in wet or damp crawl spaces and basements. I've seen some of these areas and some look like an open sewer. Having ducts that are not properly sealed or insulated in these locations can draw moisture, mold, bacteria,…

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